Blue Ridge Parkway, North of Boone, NC

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Area Day Trips

E Tennessee
SW Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway
Pisgah NF

Other Places

South Carolina
Disc Golf
Prince Edward Is. Canada
Bay Of Fundy

Aunt Orelena Puckett Cabin Exhibit (mile 190) She was midwife who delivered over 1000 babies.
VA/NC State line -- mile 216
Brinegar Cabin -- handicraft exhibits during summer season.
Jumpin' Off Rocks - short, 1/2 mile trail through woods to overlook.
Mt. Jefferson
The Lump - popular location to fly model airplanes. 360 view.

Tom Dula roadside easel.

("Hang down your head Tom Dula")

Cascades Falls -- nice nature walk through woods to falls.

(EB Jeffress Park)

Jesse Brown Cabin & Cool Spring Baptist Church (mile 272)

Boone to Asheville Asheville to the Smoky Mountains

Joe W Getsinger's BRP Trails Page

Map scans are from National Park Service map, free at Visitor's Centers.